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About Us

Big Shot Bikes was founded in 2008 in sunny Colorado with a vision to build an affordable customizable commuter bike. 

Do you remember your first bike? That first bike was a key that unlocked a world of adventure. Before it, you were stuck with your parents in a house on a block. After it, you were adventuring further and further out. Making friends and making memories. It provided you freedom of movement. Fast forward and your adventures become brewery runs with buddies, coffee campouts, and the actual milk run. 

These modern adventures can be looked at as more about the destination. Just getting there as fast as possible. What if getting there was half the reason to go? We started Big Shot because we believe little things can lead to big adventures. We started Big Shot to spread the love by enjoying the ride. 

Big Shot Family rides together. We believe that if everyone is thinking alike then someone isn’t thinking. Be original. Be yourself. Ride Big Shot.

Cheers and Enjoy the Ride,




Matt is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Big Shot Bikes. He is the architect behind the companies products and brand. Matt helps people bring business concepts to reality. Matt believes that all work should be a creative process. He enjoys the challenge of creating new products and brands along with the processes and infrastructure needed to support them.


As the founder, Matt took the company from concept to mature business with an established product line while building it into a nationally known brand. Matt is a recognized leader in the field of mass customization and he and his company have been featured in many publications including Entrepreneur Magazine. Matt holds a Masters of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Computer Information Systems. 


Tymothe Owner of Big Shot Bike

Tymothe is the CEO and Cheif Marketing Officer for Big Shot Bikes. He is a tenured and diversified performance marketer passionate about KPIs, repeatability and relationship building. Tymothe has spent over a decade putting sound sales and marketing strategies to a solid execution cadence for clients.  Now he's turned his sights on his own venture.


Tymothe believes that every revolution starts small and with the right mixture of crazy like-minded people, a whiteboard, a few beers and some ideas, we could change the way people shop for bikes. Tymothe has taken the reins of Big Shot and is creating a new vision for the company called our 2020 plan. He is a proud 4th generation Coloradoan. Tymothe ascribes to the ethos that, "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for Cowards". #DDMF