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Build Your Own Bike – Custom Fixies and Single Speed Bikes

Build your own fixie single speed bike

single speed bikes

Here are instuctions to assemble your bike.

Congratulations on your new bicycle purchase, we hope it brings you many years of joy and happiness! First though, you must assemble it and make sure it is in proper working condition. With just a few simple tools you should be up and riding in no time. The following is a guide for you to follow to prepare your bike for riding.

1. Unpack and remove all packing material from the bike.

2. Place the front rim on the fork and tighten the nuts that hold it in place.

3. Adjust the headset Allen bolt on top of the stem until the fork turns smoothly without any play. Then align the stem with the front wheel and tighten the remaining two Allen bolts on the rear of the stem so that the stem is firmly in place and the fork is able to turn fluidly.

4. Attach the handlebars to the stem by removing the four Allen bolts on the front and then tightening them over the handlebars in a crisscross fashion.

5. Attach the seat to the seat post and adjust and tighten. Now insert the seat and post into the seat tube and adjust to desired height. Firmly tighten the Allen bolt on the seat tube clamp.

6. Check the nuts holding the rear rim onto the frame to ensure they are tightened properly.

7. Check that the cranks are properly tightened onto the bottom bracket/frame.

8. Inspect the chain so that it is on and snug, adjusting if needed with the rear chain adjustment nuts. The chain should be straight with a little play. Ensure it is not too loose or too tight and it is properly attached.

9. Adjust both the front and rear brakes. You may need to tighten the cable by pulling more through the brake and then tightening it. Ensure the pads align properly and make full contact with the braking surface of the rim. Double check that everything is tight and your brakes are working properly before riding.

10. Attach all reflectors. Mount the white reflector to the handle bar facing forward. Mount the red reflector to the seat post in the rear. Ensure each wheel has a wheel reflector and pedals have reflectors.

11. Mount the chain guard to the frame ensuring it is securely attached and covers the chain

12. Ensure that the tires are properly inflated to a maximum of 120 psi and are seated properly on the rim. ***Your tire is not fully inflated*** For shipping purposes it is filled to 80 psi.

If you have any questions about bicycle assembly please speak with a professional bike mechanic at your local bike shop. Enjoy your new bicycle!