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Fixed World

This fixed world is always on the run and finding a community is never shy from being around the corner or in your pocket. The technological gods have blessed the fixie nation with convenient apps, like our Bike Builder app (iPad, iPhone and html5 compatible) to customize any order you wish, as well as many other interesting mobile programs to give you that fix for that fixie any time of the day.

Fixie Feed compiles every blog and Twitter feed out there and freshly delivers it to your fingers. You can be coasting along with friends and find out about the next big race in San Francisco or

get news on which buddy conquered the next deadly trick. Being connected via technology definitely gives us all an upper hand. If you’re physically pooped but want more from the community you have to check this out for the iPhone, “Hipster City Cycle” this game, compared to the retro Paperboy, is ten times what the paper tossing game ever was. You’re a hipster riding his fixie through the streets of Philadelphia jumping and dodging obstacles like car doors opening and closing. This game adds a level of excitement well understood by the people of the fixed nation.

These next apps are for the mechanic gods. This one is for Android from Midtoad called, “Fixed Gears” it calculates gearing for various chain rings, cog sizes, cadence and skid patches. Not only does it have an easy to use interface, it’s interactive pinch zooms are pretty fun to play with. This is the perfect tool to have when tinkering at your buddies house. If that doesn’t settle your need for apps, Loop Magazine made one that is clean, colourful and entertaining. You’ll get a link to their magazine, a gear ratio calculator, blog and some pretty cool wallpapers for your phone or tablet.
Now you can live another day in confidence knowing that the fixed world is accessible from almost anywhere.

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