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Fantastic Storage Options for Your Bike

If you’ve caught the cycling bug, then you’ll soon arrive at a point where you decide whether your bicycle will be your primary means of transportation. It may seem intimidating to some people; after all, a car can carry a lot more weight and has a bigger storage capacity. But your bike can be modified with some really nifty accessories to transform it into the ultimate green machine. Here are some of our favorite bike accessories.

Re-Thinking Bicycle Storage
Storage is one of the toughest obstacles for a bicyclist, but there are some products that re-think the problem and solve it creatively. The Reel Storage system is an ingenious accessory that makes use of the central open triangle of a bike frame, using the space where a water bottle normally sits. The Reel system is made up of a long, flexible red band that’s meant to be wound and woven around the triangle, held in place with small silicone stickers that grip the rubber against the frame. The result is a stretchy, secure net pocket that can hold a variety of different items; there are even removable compartments for groceries available for sale.

The Urban Roller, on the other hand, puts your gear on its own wheels. It’s a trailer that attaches to the seat pole of your bike and trails along behind you like a wheeled suitcase. Sturdy and strong, this accessory takes the weight off your shoulders – literally. While some riders may not like the idea of their laptop bouncing along on a bumpy road behind them, it’s a great solution for students who don’t want a heavy backpack weighing them down as they ride.

Modular is Marvelous
There are lots of bike racks available for sale. While the specs differ from product to product, racks usually sit on top of the back wheel of your bike and provide a small amount of storage space. The Link Modular storage system has a sturdy hard case to protect your valuables, but it can also detach to turn into a hand cart. It’s both convenient and innovative, and makes shopping an easy task.

Another great storage spot is in front of your handlebars; while the old wicker basket look might appeal to old-fashioned tastes, there are plenty of other options for modern cyclists. There are pop-up bicycle baskets, whose sides can be adjusted to hold many different bags within them. The Kuvert saddle bag, on the other hand, doubles your storage capacity by giving you two large pouches that hang over either side of the back wheel of your bike. And if you’re looking for a really funky bike basket, you can find one built out of pine cones!

This is just a tiny selection of the millions of bike storage accessories available for sale. Find the ones that work for you, and you’ll discover a whole new world of convenient, healthy, eco-friendly transportation options.

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