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Best Ways to Prevent Bike Theft

Bike theft is even more common than you think. Every week we get calls from riders that have had their bike stolen. Frankly, it breaks our heart. You spend all this time designing a custom bike it to have it stolen. It sucks, plain and simple. We highly recommend taking a few simple steps to stump a bike thief. Don’t wait to take these actions. Once you have unboxed your Big Shot and assembled it, take a few simple actions to protect it. If you wait, you’ll get busy and regret it later. It’s far more simple than you think

The Emerging Bike Culture of Los Angeles

Being a bicyclist in a major city can pose a unique challenge. Many factors play into the bike-friendliness of a city: the layout and design of the streets, the community’s dependence on automobile transport, the average weather conditions, and the over-arching culture of transportation in the context of socioeconomic status, class structure, and environmental values. A city like Portland, Oregon has almost endless miles of bike lanes and paths, and the city infrastructure caters to cyclists at the same level as it does to pedestrians and automobiles. Conversely, Los Angeles has been a car driver’s city for decades, starting in

Fantastic Storage Options for Your Bike

If you’ve caught the cycling bug, then you’ll soon arrive at a point where you decide whether your bicycle will be your primary means of transportation. It may seem intimidating to some people; after all, a car can carry a lot more weight and has a bigger storage capacity. But your bike can be modified with some really nifty accessories to transform it into the ultimate green machine. Here are some of our favorite bike accessories. Re-Thinking Bicycle StorageStorage is one of the toughest obstacles for a bicyclist, but there are some products that re-think the problem and solve it

Don't Have a Fit Hit That Crit

So you’ve been pumping hard working intense hours on the saddle and now you want to prove what you're made of. Sure go for it, but don’t get all tied up in knots and definitely don’t trip on making a perfect hole shot. Stress is the number one factor for all athletes that can dramatically place your performance in the danger zone. There’s no need to do this to your self as you can clearly destroy your chances of enjoying the endless season of biking. The answer to avoiding the danger zone is by simply chilling out and recalling what

Fixed World

This fixed world is always on the run and finding a community is never shy from being around the corner or in your pocket. The technological gods have blessed the fixie nation with convenient apps, like our Bike Builder app (iPad, iPhone and html5 compatible) to customize any order you wish, as well as many other interesting mobile programs to give you that fix for that fixie any time of the day. Fixie Feed compiles every blog and Twitter feed out there and freshly delivers it to your fingers. You can be coasting along with friends and find out about

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