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Single Speed Bikes and Fixies

Single speed and fixed gear bikes

have become the ultimate chic in today's urban jungle. You've seen the way that bike messengers glide effortlessly in and out of traffic in a show of defiance and freedom amongst the stagnating lines of endless cars shackled to the grind of the daily commute. Whether you are new to bike commuting or are a seasoned cyclist, Big Shot's bikes will allow you to finally break free of the daily grind with the ultimate in riding experiences.

Our bikes are simple and elegant. Simplicity means reliability. These single speed bikes have clean lines and a genuine beauty. More akin to their high-end track bike cousins, fixed gear bikes are stripped to the bare requirements of pedaling, steering and rolling. Fixies have become more popular as more people discover the joy of riding single speed bikes and fixed gear road bikes.

Commuter bikes are probably best known for their uniqueness and variety. You will see fixed gear bikes in the city with drop handlebars, but you will also see fixies and singlespeeds with flat handlebars and with or without brakes. Whatever your style is, Big Shot Bikes lets you express yourself with your own custom bike. Build one today and join the single speed revolution.

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New customizable cruiser bikes

Custom Cruiser Bike

New customizable cruiser bikes

Just like our current single speed bikes, our new cruiser model is fully customizable. Select either a high bar frame or low bar step through frame.

Here’s how we do it: with Big Shot you can choose from hundreds of color combinations to suit your style. Build your own bike with quality components and looks to boot. Just pick your components and colors and we will assemble your bike to 80% completion and ship it right to your door. All you have to do is some simple final assembly. It’s easy and incredibly affordable! Why settle for a bicycle that looks like everyone else’s? Now you can set the scene with your own, unique fixed gear bike or custom cruiser bicycle. Shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. is only $34.95 for all bikes!

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Join our growing list of fans and experience riding a Big Shot bike today – it really is an entirely different style of riding and locomotion that allows you to feel very connected to your bike and the world around you.

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