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U.S. Velodrome Track Directory

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Velodrome track racing is an exciting and fast sport which used to enjoy massive popularity in the United States, and continues to grow in popularity around the world. It is hugely popular in countries such as Japan, and in the United Kingdom, Olympic success and seen a big growth in popularity and participation. In fact, in the United States track cycling used to be so popular, Madison Square garden in New York was originally built as a bike racing track, and racers were the sporting stars of the day.

To someone who is new to the sport, track racing can seem a little inaccessible. Cyclists on seemingly expensive, high end machines, race around a purpose built track clad in sleek lycra. But the reality is that track cycling is one of the friendliest and most accessible sports out there. Just check out your local velodrome. Most cycling tracks offer hire bicycles, and all offer programs that will teach you how to ride safely on the track, and how to handle and race a track bicycle. Beginners programs also include beginners races, which are usually an excellent and safe introduction to the sport.

And track bicycles need not be the carbon framed, disc wheeled, space aged flying machines you may have seen on the television. A relatively simple track bicycle will be more than sufficient to see you through the beginner and intermediate level without having to invest thousands of dollars. And a track bicycle can also be versatile enough to use for every day riding. Many come equipped with a flip-flop hub so that you can ride fixed wheel on the track, and then change to a free wheel set up when you are out and about.

The benefits of track racing are many. Riding a single speed bike with no brakes around a track is fast and exciting, but also teaches you some important and useful bike handling skills. You learn very quickly how to ride in a pack of riders, and learn also how to handle your bike in a way that is stable and predictable to those around you. Ring and racing in a group on the track can certainly make your local criterium race seem a little less intimidating! Track racing also teaches you how to spin quickly and effectively. A track bike only has one gear, so in order to sprint, or to close the gap between you and the rider in front, you have to be able to spin quickly and efficiently. Track racing encourages you spin the pedals fast and with an even pedal stroke, which is a more efficient and effective way to ride your bike. Just watch riders like Lance Armstrong and see how fast he spins the pedals, even when he is riding up a steep hill.

Track racing is fast! Racing on the track is a great way to improve your power and sprinting. It is also an excellent spectator sport with most tracks being indoors. Compared with road racing where crowds may only get one glimpse of racers going by, the velodrome captures all the action and is a great place to bring family or friends for an evening of sporting entertainment.

Most of all, track racing is a lot of fun, and there are events to suit everyone’s tastes and strengths, including team events. Whether you choose pursuit, madison or time trial, track racing is fast and fun. Check out your local velodrome for events and beginners classes. Most tracks offer mid-week races as well as weekend events, so get down there and watch an event. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked!

Indoor Velodromes

ADT Event Center

Carson, California

ADT Event Center, in the Home Depot Center
Built: 2004
Website: LA Velodrome
Contact: e-mail initially -
Size: 250m, 45 degree maximum bank, cigar shape
Surface: wood planks

Info: An investment of $15 million built this top class indoor track, home to the USA’s Olympic contenders. The track is open to the public for races, training and coaching at specified times. See website for opening times and public access.

Amenities: Lights, stands, crossing, lockers, apron, separate warm-up track

Directions and parking: The Home Depot Center, 18400 Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746. Parking on the campus of California State University Dominguez Hills is $3 per day. Parking permits may be purchased from the yellow vending machines located in Lot 4A and 4B east of the velodrome (east of the entry road for Gate I).

Boulder Indoor Cycling Center

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Indoor Cycling Center
Built: 2008
Website: Boulder Indoor Cycling
Contact: 303-CYCLING (303-292-5464)
Size: 142m, 45 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: wood planks

Info: An annual membership is required for access ($200 for adults). The facility can be rented for club events and parties. Best of all – this track isn’t just for roadies. The center area has a purpose-built mountain bike skills park! There’s even a beginner and junior skills section in a separate part of the building!

Amenities: Lights, rest rooms, spectator mezzanine, rentals, extensive youth programs, mountain bike skill section, lap timer

Directions and parking: 3550 Frontier Ave, Boulder, CO 80301. Just off Pearl Parkway near the junction with 157 Foothills Parkway. Close to the University of Colorado Boulder campus.

Outdoor Velodromes

Encino Velodrome

Encino, California

Encino Velodrome
Built: 1968, renovated in 2004
Website: Encino Velodrome
Contact: 818-881-7441
Size: 252m, 30 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Clubs can rent the facility, individuals ride for $5 – but you can swap some volunteer time for free ride sessions. Lots of races, training groups including beginners, women only, juniors, etc. A great place for newbies and pros alike.

Amenities: stands, concessions, rentals, apron, warm-up track

Directions and parking: 17301 Oxnard St., Encino, CA 94146. Just off Highway 101, in the Sepulveda Dam

San Diego, California

San Diego Velodrome
Built: 1976.
Website: SD Velodrome
Contact: E-mail via the website
Size: 333m, 27 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Weekly races are on Tuesday nights and usually start in April, including beginners races. There are beginners track classes and youth programs. Kids classes are offered free of charge. There are also coaches available at the velodrome.

Amenities: Restrooms, warm-up track

Directions and parking: The San Diego Velodrome is located in the Balboa Park Recreation Area: 2221 Morley Field Drive, San Diego, CA 92104

Hellyer Park

San Jose, California

Hellyer Park Velodrome
Built: 1993, renovated in 2007
Website: Hellyer Park Velodrome
Contact: e-mail via the website, or send general or schedule questions to
Size: 333m, 23 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Start with a Saturday morning beginner session if you aren’t a regular track rider. Ride sessions are $5, but keep an eye on the website schedule or call to check first. Races are on most nights through the summer, including a junior program. It’s a good facility, so it’s busy, but there’s space for everyone.

Amenities: lights, stands, rest rooms, rentals, apron

Directions and parking: The track is easy to find, just off Highway 101 at the Hellyer Ave exit. Parking at the park does cost extra.

7-Eleven USOTC Velodrome

Colorado Springs, Colorado

7-Eleven USOTC Velodrome
Built: 1983
Website: 7-Eleven USOTC Veldorome
Contact: e-mail from the website
Size: 333m, 35 degree maximum bank, cigar shape
Surface: concrete

Info: The track closes in winter, but from April through October (weather permitting) hosts races, training classes and has public access training times. Check the website before you go as teams train here and they often get priority.

Amenities: lights, stands, rest rooms, rentals, safe access, lockers, apron, warm-up track

Directions and parking: 250 S Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910. The velodrome is part of Memorial park.

Brian Piccolo

Cooper City, Florida

Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome
Built: 1993
Website: Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome
Contact: 950-437-2626
Size: 333m, 27 degree maximum bank, cigar shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Plenty of programs and events. There’s 500m and 800m road cycling courses in the velodrome park. You can rent out the facility, but riders can pay about $4 ($5 for lights) for general access, and pass bundles are available. Access the website to print out a waiver and bring that with you the first time you ride.

Amenities: lights, stands, concessions, rentals, electronic timing, safe access, lockers, apron, 200 m, 10 degree warm-up/recreational track

Directions and parking: In Brian Piccolo Park off Sheridan Street, 9501 Sheridan Street, Cooper City, 33024.

Dick Lane

Atlanta, Georgia

Dick Lane Velodrome
Built: 1972
Website: Dick Lane Velodrome
Contact: 404-769-0012 for more information, or email
Size: 322m, 37 degree maximum bank, cigar shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Unlike most velodromes, Dick Lane isn’t level – there’s and uphill and a downhill side. There’s a busy calendar with races and training sessions, but check the website for open access times. Rides cost about $5, with memberships and bulk passes available. There is an extensive youth program, and it is home to cyclocross races in the off season, so you can keep your bike going year round.

Amenities: concessions, stands, rest rooms, rentals, safe access, very attractive infield with trees and a stream, inner warm up track. The place has a wide reputation – and there’s lots of cool stuff in the store (or on the website)

Directions and parking: 1889 Lexington Ave, east Point, GA 30344. Easy access from I-20 or I-75/85; the velodrome is in Sumner park.

Eagle, Idaho

Idaho Velodrome
Built: work is underway now for a brand new bike park and velodrome
Website: Idaho Velodrome
Contact: e-mail from the website
Size: 333m
Surface: it will be concrete

Info: The velodrome is part of a huge cycling park project, with facilities for bmx and mountain biking too. It’s an ongoing project; check the website to see what’s open.

Amenities: This is a brand new facility; the track will be first and all the frills will come later. Volunteers and sponsors are always welcome, so if there’s something you really want, make it happen.

Directions and parking: The park is just off Highway 55 on Horseshoe Bend way – it’s being built on a corner of the Hidden Hollow landfill, but that will make for some excellent downhill and freeride routes for off-road riders.

Ed Rudolph Velodrome

Northbrook, Illinois

Ed Rudolph Velodrome
Built: 1959, rebuilt in 2004.
Website: Northbrook Velodrome
Contact: 847-291-2980, or -email the race director
Size: 382m, 18 degree maximum bank, cigar shape
Surface: concrete coated asphalt

Info: The gentle slope of this track makes it a good place for beginners. There’s plenty of public access time, but call first or check the website for the latest schedules. You can also hire the whole facility. Open May until September, $20 for adults and $10 for juniors, with season passes available.

Amenities: concessions, stands, rest rooms, rentals, apron

Directions and parking: The velodrome is in Meadowhill Park, Northbrook, Illinois 60062. Close to Northbrook and Meadow Shopping Centers and Anetsberger Golf Course, off Waukegan Road (43).

Major Taylor Velodrome

Indianapolis, Indiana

Major Taylor Velodrome
Built: 1982
Website: Major Taylor Velodrome
Contact: 317-327-8356, or e-mail via the website
Size: 333m, 27 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: concrete

Info: The Indianapolis velodrome is named after Marshall "Major" Taylor who was born in and introduced cycling in Indianapolis. The track is open to the public with an entry fee of $5, when no races or training is scheduled. There are beginner sessions including a youth program named “Get Your Tyke on a Bike”.

Amenities: Lights, Stands, Concession Stands, Restrooms, Rental Bike, Tunnel or Bridge, Offices, Lockers, Apron, Warmup Track

Directions and parking: The Major Taylor Sports Complex is located on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, near Marian College, adjacent to the Major Taylor Velodrome and the Major Taylor Skate Park.

Baton Rouge Velodrome

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge Velodrome
Built: after extensive renovation re-opened March 2010
Website: BREC
Contact: 225-218-0918
Size: 333m, oval shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Expect a good surface, concessions, rest rooms, and plenty of events and activities

Amenities: rentals, apron, warm-up track; training classes, including some for children are scheduled. The renovation resulted in an ‘Extreme Sports Park’ with a climbing tower, a BMX park and all kinds of family activities.

Directions and parking: 7122 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA. Right across Perkins Road from Essen Village Shopping Center.

Velodrome at Bloomer Park

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Velodrome at Bloomer Park
Built: 2001
Website: Velodrome at Bloomer Park
Contact: E-mail via the website
Size: 200m, 45 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: wood panels

Info: The velodrome at Bloomer Park was built in 2001 by volunteers and donations. Track time and coaching for juniors is free, as is the Track 101 class for beginners. Rentals available, with first track sessions and equipment use free. Weekly races, as well as state championships and USA Cycling National qualifying races.

Amenities: lights Lights, Stands, Restrooms, Lockers, Apron, Gift Shop, bike rentals (first rental free)

Directions and parking: 345 John R Road, Rochester Hills Michigan 48307

National Sports Center Velodrome

Blaine, Minnesota

National Sports Center Velodrome
Built: 1990
Website: NSC Sports
Contact: 763-785-5600 or e-mail via the website
Size: 250, 43 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: wooden

Info: Excellent modern facilities, training and racing to suit all abilities on America’s only outdoor wooden track. There are weekly races through the season and a junior development program. There is also an introductory track class, and the class is open to the public when racing or training is not scheduled. $5 fee, or $100 for a season pass.

Amenities: lights, stands, rental bike, tunnel or bridge, lockers, warmup track

Directions and parking: The National Sports Center is located in Blaine, Minnesota, approximately 25 minutes north of both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Penrose Park Velodrome

St Louis, Missouri

Penrose Park Velodrome
Built: 1961, reopened 2005
Website: Penrose Park
Contact: E-mail via the website
Size: 333m, 28 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: ashphalt

Info: The track is always open for free practice, but from mid-April until mid-September sanctioned racing is held every week on Wednesday and Thursday. The Missouri State Track Championships are held here in July and August.

Amenities: lights, stands, rest rooms, concessions at events, rentals, apron, warm-up track

Directions and parking: The velodrome at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Highway 115.

Kissena Velodrome

Queens, New York

Kissena Velodrome
Built: 1964, repaved in 2004
Website: Kissena
Contact: the best way to get information is via the website
Size: 400m, 19 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: ashphalt

Info: If you want to ride where Hincape got started, this is your place. There’s extensive coaching and novice training sessions, and plenty of racing for all levels. It’s not too steep, so it’s good for beginners, and for roadies looking for variety in their training.

Amenities: concessions, rentals, not much else but it’s a friendly, well-maintained track

Directions and parking: You can get to Kissena on the subway (7 Train to Main Street), by car take the Long island Expressway to Exit 24, and follow signs from there to Kissena Park. Plenty of parking at the velodrome.

Asheville Velodrome

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville Mellowdrome
Built: 2001 converted to the velodrome
Website: Asheville Mellowdrome
Contact: e-mail Don at
Size: 498m, almost no bank, a slightly irregular oval shape
Surface: ashphalt

Info: This former motor race track is a gentle track, so a good place for beginners. Infield has a playground and other recreational facilities. Regular races and sessions run over the summer, and a youth program is planned. Saturday mornings and through the winter are orientation and training sessions. The ‘mellowdrome’ is part of a bigger city park, so don’t be surprised to see BMX riders and even walkers with baby strollers on the apron.

Amenities: stands, rentals, apron, separate warm-up track, lights, gift shop, infield access bridge

Directions and parking: Exit 1 off 240/26, take Amboy Road east. The velodrome and park are on your right.

Alpenrose Velodrome

Portland, Oregon

Alpenrose Velodrome
Built: 1967 (a dirt track exited on the same site prior to the concrete surface in 1967)
Website: Alpenrose
Contact: 503-246-0330
Size: 268m, 43 degree maximum bank, cigar shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Alpenrose is part of a much larger sports complex, including a museum and many family activities and amenities. It’s home to the only US six-day race. Open anytime for public access as long as there are no scheduled events. An OBRA membership is required, but no additional charges except for organized sessions and races. It’s a steep track, so beginners should get some coaching or join a training session to get started, and it’s not a track to ride in wet conditions.

Amenities: Stands, concessions at events, restrooms, rentals, lockers, separate warmup track, electronic timer

Directions and parking: 6149 SW Shattuck, Portland, OR. Take exit 297 off I-5, half a mile north turn left onto Highway 10 (west). Follow this for two miles, then take a left on Shattuck Street. Look for Alpenrose Diary; the track is in the complex. Plenty of parking.

Valley Preferred Velodrome

Trexlertown, Pennsylvania

Valley Preferred Velodrome
Built: 1975
Website: The Velodrome
Contact: Telephone 610-395-7393 or e-mail via the website
Size: 333m, 27 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: concrete

Info: The Valley Preferred Velodrome (formerly Lehigh Valley Velodrome) is one of the best equipped and busiest in the USA. It has grandstands that seat 2000+ spectators, and has hosted international events including World Cup racing, the Junior World Championships and Olympic Trials. There is an extensive youth program including a bike racing league, and a program of junior races. The track is also open to the public when training or races are not scheduled.

Amenities: Lights, Stands, Concession Stands, Restrooms, Rental Bike, Tunnel or Bridge, Offices, Lockers, Apron, Warmup Track, Gift Shop

Directions and parking: ---


Frisco, Texas

Built: 1996.
Website: Superdome
Contact: E-mail via the website
Size: 255m, 44 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: resin-coated 1.125" thick marine plywood panels attached to a welded steel superstructure.

Info: The Superdrome is an impressive 100,000 square foot, $15 million specially designed 250 meter outdoor wood bicycle racing track, one of the United States Olympic training centers. It is open to the public during specified hours, See the calendar on the website for details. The Superdrome hosts training and competition under the guidance of USACycling, including state, national, world cup, and world championship events. Junior and youth programs are also available.

Amenities: lights, stands, rest rooms, rentals, parking, warm-up track.

Directions and parking: The Superdrome is on the Collin County College - Preston Ridge Campus, north east corner in between Preston/289 and Hillcrest Rd.

Alkek Velodrome

Houston, Texas

Alkek Velodrome
Built: 1986
Website: Houston Cycling
Contact: e-mail initially,
Size: 333m, 33 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Open for training Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8 pm from January through November. Regular racing from March through October. First five sessions are free, then it’s about $10 per session, but annual passes and bundles are available.

Amenities: Lights for evening races and training

Directions and parking: At Cullen Park, 19008 Saums Rd., Houston, TX 77084. Close to I-10 off Barker Cypress Rd.

Marymoor Velodrome

Redmond, Washington

Marymoor Velodrome
Built: 1974
Website: Marymoor Velodrome
Contact: 206-957-4555, or e-mail via the website
Size: 400m, 25 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: concrete

Info: Plenty of training or public sessions during the day and also classes. Racing is held on most nights, and features some top level riders as well as plenty of opportunities for new riders and juniors. The only downside to Marymoor is that rain cancels racing, and except for high summer, it rains a lot. It’s always a good idea to call first! But, Marymoor has a top-class cyclocross season in the fall to keep you riding when the rain sets in.

Amenities: lights, stands, rest rooms, concessions at events, rentals, apron, warm-up track

Directions and parking: The velodrome is in Marymoor Park, 6046 West Lake, Sammamish Parkway NE, Redmond, WA, signs from State 520.

Washington Park Bowl

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Washington Park Bowl
Built: 1927.
Website: Washington Park Bowl
Contact: E-mail via the website.
Size: 333m, 22 degree maximum bank, oval shape
Surface: ashphalt

Info: Washington Park Velodrome is the oldest operating velodrome in the USA. The Kenosha Velodrome Association sponsors American Track Racing Association sanctioned races as well as training sessions at the "bowl" throughout the summer. Free lawn seating is available on the hill on Washington Road. The bike track is open to the public, however the Kenosha Velodrome Association has priority for racing events and practice.

Amenities: Lights, Stands, Restrooms, Lockers

Directions and parking: I-94 to exit 340. East on S to 22nd Ave. Turn right on 22nd Ave, take an immediate left into parking lot.

If you would like to see your local velodrome added to our list, please email