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Fixed Gear Bikes shipped to Canada

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Just over the border in New York bike messengers have made fixed gear bicycles the ultimate show of defiance and freedom among debilitating traffic. Transfer this control and quick maneuverability to your town and experience why so many have turned to fixed gear bicycles as their preferred means of transportation.

With an unlimited amount of variety, you can be sure to create a bike that matches your individual style through Big Shot Bikes. Choose a traditional road bike with few colors and drop handlebars or express your individuality with a multi-colored creation. Whatever you decide, a fixed gear is a reliable, low-maintenance way to get around town.

Join our growing list of fans and experience riding a fixed gear bike for yourself today – it really is an entirely different style of riding and locomotion that allows you to feel very connected to your bike and the world around you. Whether you choose a track bike or an urban fixed gear bike, you too can get the feel of cycling on one of the oldest and best established types of bicycle – a form of cycling that is as enjoyable today as it ever was.

Here’s how we do it: with Big Shot you can choose from hundreds of color combinations to suit your style. Build your own Fixie with quality components and looks to boot. Just pick your components and colors and we will assemble your bike to 80% completion and ship it right to your door. All you have to do is some simple final assembly. It’s easy and incredibly affordable! Why settle for a bicycle that looks like everyone else’s? Now you can set the scene with your own, unique fixed gear bike for just $395! Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is only $34.95!

Measurement / Geometry

Track Frame





Top Tube length (CC) A 535MM 560.5MM 590MM
Seat Tube Length (CT) B 520MM 560MM 600MM
Head tube Length C 95MM 105MM 140MM
Rear Center D 405MM 405MM 405MM
BB height E 270MM 270MM 270MM
Head tube angle F  74.5  73  73
Front Fork Length H 387MM 387MM 387MM
Fork Offset K 45MM 45MM 45MM

Full Bike Specifications